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Why join us?

Become part of a company that truly cares about its employees.

Transform your career into 4 dimensions

Whether they are just starting out in their career or looking for a new lease of life and new challenges, we support our employees' ambitions so that they can give their best and have the career they deserve!

Another technological dimension

We support our employees in the development of their technological skills by providing them with a motivating and innovative environment thanks to :

- Long missions with high technological stakes

- Innovative, value-added projects in a key account environment

- Regular training on working methods and the latest technologies

Another business dimension

ITS Group's playground is vast! The group's 6 areas of expertise allow us to cover all the ITOps professions and we allow you to benefit from them!

We promote internal mobility, evolution towards new positions and managerial functions and ensure that our employees have a wide variety of missions, projects and clients.

Another geographical dimension

Are you mobile or do you have a project to set up in another region? You can take advantage of our national presence to change region!

We are present throughout France and Europe with 7 offices in France and 2 abroad (Belgium and Switzerland).

Our excellent knowledge of the ecosystem of each region facilitates the integration of our employees and their families.

Another wage dimension

Many employees, once they enter a NSE, see their remuneration stagnate despite the great promises of HR... At ITS Group, we believe that a NSE is a company like any other which must retain its employees and develop their salaries.

In addition, we have set up a very interesting cooptation policy with a bonus of up to 2,000 euros for a successful cooptation.

Listening and proximity

At ITS Group we give priority to listening to our customers.

You will benefit from managerial and technical support that translates into a flexible and agile organization:

  • Support to help you get your bearings at ITS Group and at the client (integration, regular meetings with the manager, sponsorship, etc.) but also to seize opportunities.
  • Direct exchanges with management in a human-sized company that favours more informal exchanges (afterworks, events, etc.).
  • Support services and general management are always available thanks to participative management and Bottom-Up exchanges. Propose ideas via our innovative HR tools that encourage the sharing of experience.

Career development

For you, we don't just see big ... we see far!

Whether they are at the beginning of their career or looking for new challenges, we support the ambition of our employees to give the best of themselves and have the career they deserve! To achieve this, we are constantly striving to provide each employee with a different technological, business, geographical and salary dimension.

Human values

At ITS Group, we believe that the company does not make people happy, but that it contributes to it.

Our DNA carries strong values centred on people through a certified CSR policy, a committed social policy and solidarity actions carried out by our employees.

  • Evolve within a company that has strong values and is convinced that a fulfilled employee is worth two.
  • Share your experience in professional and extra-professional communities via our HR platform and its 17 communities in order to exchange, whatever your location, position or subsidiary, your experiences on any type of subject.
  • Speak up and keep it, whether on technical or societal subjects, in order to become an actor on technical, solidarity or sports subjects as well.



Your skills only wear out if you don't use them. We use them and we develop them!

We have made the choice to invest in the training of our employees by dedicating a training budget that is higher than the average for companies in the sector, and we do it well! Choosing ITS Group also means choosing a dedicated training policy, a large training catalogue, a personalised training course & a rapid implementation of the skills acquired.

Quality of life

At ITS Group, the employee is first and foremost a person with a social and family life.

We are convinced that a high-performing and motivated employee is an employee who should not be forced to give priority to his or her work at the expense of his or her private life. This is why we do everything possible to offer you an environment and a work philosophy that guarantees a good balance between professional and personal life:

  • Put your well-being at the heart of your concerns and ours! We offer assignments as close as possible to your place of residence and give a lot of space to flexibility and autonomy with solutions for teleworking and the right to disconnection.
  • Benefit from a voluntary, responsible and fair social policy for all. We are working to guarantee parity and have initiated a group social policy.


Durability and liability

Do you want to link your destiny to a solid and responsible group with strong values?

Get involved with a responsible and sustainable group! At ITS group, no race for figures or growth but a controlled and strategic external growth policy. We favour coherence in our growth in order to guarantee our employees the company's durability, the strength of a group of recognised experts and a sustainable CSR/Quality policy.

A simple, fast and efficient recruitment process

Receipt and processing of your application by our recruitment officers

A recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview.

In-house interview with a recruiter and a technical manager

Hiring on profile or client interview for a job on assignment

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For you, we don't just see big, we see far! Join us !


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