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Interview] ITS Group combines its Infrastructure and IT Operations activities and prepares acquisitions

March 01, 2021

Jean-Michel Benard, CEO of ITS Group, spoke with Olivier Bellin of Solutions Numériques and was able to explain the reasons for the launch of ITS Services, as well as the future prospects of the group and its various entities.

Solutions-Channel.com Magazine: Why did you create the ITS Services entity at the end of 2020?
Jean-Michel Bénard, President of ITS Group: I have grouped our Infrastructure engineering activities and our IT operations within this new division. With its 900 employees headed by Denis Guibé, ITS Services is the flagship of the group, which brings us back to our roots at the same time.

What was the combined weight of ITS Services in the group in 2020?
The different activities of ITS Services represented about 60% of the ITS Group turnover in 2020, compared to almost 100% a few years ago. This percentage will remain fairly similar in the years to come.

How is the ITS Group offer structured from now on?
Together with the financial management, I retain the ITS Group holding company to manage the six entities: ITS Services (Infrastructures and IT Operations), ITS Integra (Cloud hosting & managed services), ITS Ibelem (Mobility & Networks), ITS Eugena (software and web development), BlueTrusty (Cybersecurity) and finally Thémis Conseil (Organisation & Transformation Consulting)


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