[ Press release ] ITS Group to recruit massively in 2022

23 June 2022

ITS Group, an ESN specialising in the acceleration of digital transformation, announces the opening of more than 350 positions to support its strong growth.

Operating in a competitive market, ITS Group is positioned as one of the most dynamic and innovative players and supports the largest organisations and companies in their digital transformation projects on a daily basis. In this context, the group, through its subsidiaries, intervenes in particular on strategic subjects such as infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, IT consulting and mobile fleet management.

It is in this context that ITS Group will again invest heavily to complete its teams. Thus, many complementary initiatives have been launched: agile sourcing, cooptation, HR events, development of the employer brand, etc. Finally, in order to develop the loyalty of its talents, ITS Group is deploying numerous resources and implementing a large-scale training policy. These different elements, combined with first-rate working conditions, will enable the ESN to reinforce its attractiveness and to recruit and retain the best talents on the market.

Presentation of the opportunities offered by entities 

  • ITS Group: 10 permanent hires

  • ITS Services: 230 permanent hires (+20 alternating students/trainees)
    DevOps engineer; Project manager; System engineer and network & security engineer

  • ITS Ibelem: 18 recruitments on permanent contracts
    Workstation engineer
    Paris and Nantes region
    Mobility consultants
    Boulogne-Billancourt and Rhône-Alpes

  • ITS Integra: 23 permanent hires (+5 alternates/trainees)
    Project Manager; System & Network Admin; Cybersecurity Consultant; Sales & Architect; Developer


  • ITS Eugena and BlueTrusty: 10 permanent hires (+10 alternating students/interns)
    Cybersecurity Expertś and Digital Development Experts


  • Thémis Conseil: 25 permanent hires (+4 alternating students/interns)
    Manager; Practice Director; Senior & Junior Consultants

  • ITS Benelux: 16 permanent hires (+1 trainee)

In the context of a shortage of IT specialists, accentuated over the last two years by the pandemic, companies are trying to accelerate the digitalisation of their business processes and are placing automation, resilience and the securing of their vital activities at the heart of their IT strategies.

Indeed, the implementation of emerging technologies in this context of skills shortage is the main obstacle to digital transformation. Thus, in order to meet this need in the Infrastructure & Operations market segment, ITS Group implements its proactive "Agile Sourcing" approach based on the provision of high value-added IT services, relying on the study of technological and market trendś.

This new approach is based on targeting high-potential talents complemented by significant training resources on new technologies; this with the aim of guaranteeing the adequacy of its employees' skills with its clients' projects. Beyond̀ the business aspects and its dynamic of signing new contracts in the Agile, Cloud & DevOps fields, ITS Group is placing equaĺ opportunities at the heart of its new 2022 recruitment campaign with more than 350 positions to be filled. "

Technical Director
ITS Services

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