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Our customers

Our customers want to develop IT to the Businesses and make their IS a lever of performance and profitability.

Close to our customers' IT and business challenges

Responding to the concrete problems of our clients and to the new IT and business challenges faced by CIOs by activating new levers

With the digital revolution, the expectations and requirements of the professions have evolved considerably, requiring an unprecedented level of availability, accessibility and security. For our customers, this evolution implies the implementation of major projects to transform the IT department and the company, on which we assist them on a daily basis:

Support and implementing the transformation of people, methods and tools

Deploy Agile and DevOps methods and optimize their delivery strategy

Evolve their infrastructure models towards an agile, distributed and mobile approach

Manage change and migration to new tools and methods

Migrate to hybrid and cloud infrastructures and make their legacy and digital applications coexist

Rationalize, mutualize and automate their IT production tools and processes

Ensuring the efficiency of your IS in compliance with regulatory requirements

Ensuring the profitability of new economic and technological models

Ensuring the digitalisation of business processes and the implementation of digital workplaces with user and customer-centric solutions

They trust us

Our clients are large CAC40 and ETI groups who want to make their way of delivering IT to their businesses more productive and thus make their IS a lever of performance and profitability.

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