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Our training policy

ITS Group develops your skills and employability

Choosing ITS Group also means choosing a dedicated training policy, a large training catalog, a personalized training course & a quick implementation of the acquired skills.

A dynamic training policy

Since the creation of ITS Group, we have always chosen to invest in training for our employees by dedicating a training budget higher than the average of companies in the sector.

We have also set up a Career Management system within the group which allows us to match the skills of our employees with the needs and positions within the group.

invested to train our employees every year


of our employees were trained in 2022

of training per employee over an average year

IT, Management, Languages... complete curricula

At ITS Group we are convinced that the evolution of skills does not only involve learning new technologies. The development of soft skills and the increase in competence in the area of "soft skills" are all complementary assets for our employees and their career development.

We also offer complete courses that provide our employees with a 360° vision of their subject and offer them a daily application:

  • Cursus Manager: A complete training to develop your managerial practices and evolve towards team management positions.
  • Internal technical courses :
    • Cursus Agilité: from theory to practice, each aspect of agility is detailed in different online courses.
    • Cloud courses: Two courses are available in this theme: AWS (an overview and hands-on experience of the AWS platform) and Azure (the basics for getting to grips with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform).
    • DevOps curriculum: a training course to master CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Deployment) and related technologies.
    • F5 course: The aim of this course is to introduce you to the key functions required to get to grips with F5 BIG-IP technology.
    • VMware course: This course will give you an overview of VMware, with practical applications.

A catalog of training courses to develop your skills

  • Technological training to integrate the latest innovations and work methods, especially in Agile methodology
  • Language training for working in an international environment
  • Management training: acquire the key functions and skills essential to managerial action.

Rapid implementation of the skills acquired to enhance your profile

Because training is not enough to master the subjects, our employees can quickly put their theoretical knowledge into practice thanks to :

  • Our practical workshops to train and exchange
  • Our Lab dedicated to innovative technological topics
  • Communities that facilitate exchange with other experts
  • Missions that we entrust to you to apply the skills acquired in training in real conditions (and for real!)
  • Digital training, with a wide selection of online video courses, to learn and develop skills in a wide variety of areas.

Opportunities for students and young graduates

At ITS Group, we are committed to contributing to the integration of young people in the workplace!

Today, 27 work-study students are training and developing alongside us. Why not you?

> Submit your application on our space dedicated to young graduates and work-study students!

For you, we don't just see big, we see far! Join us !


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