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Our CSR policy

The CSR policy describes our commitment to sustainable development, based on four pillars

The social aspect

By integrating the company's diversity charter, ITS Group puts the professional and personal development of its employees at the forefront of its priorities while maintaining dialogue and deploying an approach to improve well-being at work.

ITS Group also works for respect, diversity and equality within its organisation by signing agreements.

Particularly sensitive to this subject, a " Occupational Health and Safety Charter A "Health and Safety at Work Charter" has been formalised and communicated to all employees in order to minimise health and safety risks in the workplace.

The Environmental aspect

ITS Group is committed to improving its practices in order to reduce its ecological footprint. To this end, good practices are regularly communicated to employees (recycling, eco-friendly actions, eco-driving, etc.). ITS Group surrounds itself with trusted partners to ensure a responsible purchasing approach throughout the life cycle of the equipment used.

Its partner Echoline also ensures constant compliance and responsiveness to legal and regulatory requirements.

On the other hand, ITS Group is committed to responsible digital technology with the signature of the Planet Tech'Care manifesto. The group is implements concrete measures to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining technological progress.

The Societal aspect

In order to forge lasting links with its ecosystem, ITS Group participates in socio-environmental projects, notably through solidarity actions. Within this framework, its partnerships are oriented towards eco-responsible companies working for sustainable development (professional reintegration, employment and training of disabled and senior workers, locavorism...).

Economic governance

ITS Group is committed to maintaining responsible governance at all levels of its organisation in order to guarantee its sustainability. It also emphasizes the protection of the personal data it exploit and the fairness of the practices within its ecosystem. Its economic development reflects the level of trust placed in it by customers and shows that they are directly involved in its growth.

In order to share its commitments with all of its suppliers and subcontractors, a " Responsible Purchasing Charter " is submitted to them for approval. This charter sets out ITS Group's commitments and presents the commitments expected of its stakeholders.

Communication on Progress

In order to strengthen its position as a responsible company aware of social and environmental issues, ITS Group ratified the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact in 2009. Within this framework, it publishes an annual Communication on Progress (COP) presenting all the CSR results for the year.

Our recognitions

11/74 at the Gaïa Rating 2019

Gold with 73/100 in the Ecovadis ranking

89/100 on the Gender Equality Index

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