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Quality approach

Satisfy our customers by delivering a set of services defined in accordance with contractual commitments

ITS Group's Quality approach meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, and is based on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. These key principles are supported by management and relayed by quality managers and pilots, who are responsible for coordinating a network that enables everyone to participate in this dynamic. 

The Quality policy is based on 4 strategic axes:

Building customer loyalty

With the aim of satisfying the needs of its clients while preserving the quality of its services, ITS Group maintains a dialogue with them by carrying out regular surveys.

In order to improve customer relations, a complaints management process has also been put in place.

Optimize all processes

Several governance bodies have been set up to ensure that performance is achieved.

Action plans and areas for improvement are thus defined, monitored and controlled according to the Deming wheel method.

Establish a resilient structure

In order to welcome and support its employees, ITS Group wanted to harmonise its tools and working methods.

In this way, all good practices are applied by everyone, including non-certified areas.

Ensure effective career management

In order to guarantee that the skills of its employees are in line with customer needs, ITS Group has set up a forward-looking job and skills management approach (GPEC) and provides close support for internal mobility to promote career development.

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