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Our solidarity actions

ITS Group and its employees are committed to associations with its "IT Solidaire" project.

A call for associative projects

In June 2018, we launched a call for associative projects among our employees to promote concrete actions from associations or foundations that contribute to one of the 17 sustainable development objectives. The response was overwhelming, with 14 associative projects submitted! Discover the 3 associations selected by vote, by our employees but also by our ecosystem:

IT Solidaire

PROJECT #1 : e-Nable

Let's equip 10 children with robotic
prostheses with e-Nable.

PROJECT #2: Linkee 

Let's help redistribute unsold food with the new Linkee application.


Let's help sick children to go on holiday thanks to the Raid Amazones des P'tites Nantaises for the AOPA.

Since 2016, the Linkee Paris association has been offering Parisians a new form of commitment to food solidarity for the most disadvantaged.

Parisians volunteering, supervised by the Linkee team and supported by the application created for the occasion, save unsold food from professionals (supermarkets, craftsmen, caterers, etc.), to benefit, in less than 30 minutes and free of charge, people in great precarious situations, in partner charities. Thanks to this citizen system, Linkee redistributes 1,000 meals a day.

ITS Group participated financially in the development of Linkee by helping the association to find additional logistical means (bags, containers) to transport the foodstuffs while respecting the cold chain. At the same time, Linkee needed a developer to work on, update and improve the beta application created with the aim of redistributing unsold food to the most deprived people.

The association e-Nable France was created at the end of 2015 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and offering assistive devices for people deprived of fingers, using 3D printing technologies. Every year in France, more than three hundred children are born with an agenesis (a member that has not fully formed before birth). The association offers, thanks to its network of makers, to equip people free of charge upon request.

ITS Group is now helping this association by participating financially in the project to equip 10 teenagers with robotic prostheses. ITS Group's financial support has also allowed the e-Nable project to become open-source so that the whole community can build this arm and make it benefit a maximum of children around the world.

The Onco Plein Air Association (AOPA), created in 1997, aims to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and young adults aged 4 to 30 years old, suffering from cancer and leukemia and treated in the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Nantes and Angers University Hospitals, through out-of-hospital projects. The AOPA organises day outings and holidays for sick children, so that they can regain their self-confidence and escape from their illness, while trying to play it down.

ITS Group supported the AOPA by financially participating in the Amazon Raid in Sri Lanka of the "P'tites Nantaises": a team composed of 2 young, sporty and committed women who chose to run to represent the association. The Raid was a 100% feminine and supportive adventure that allowed them to defend the colours of the AOPA: to make the association talk and to give back the money they collected to finance holidays for sick children.

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