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BlueTrusty Webinar - O8/04 - Network Flow Security & Kubernetes - EP02

31 March 2022

Are you a CISO, network engineer, cybersecurity specialist, SecDevOps? Or you just want to understand how the network works in Kubernetes to better understand the security issues and protection mechanisms?

BlueTrusty has designed a series of webinars for you!

After episode 1 which took place on Friday 25 March ( > see the replay), here is the second episode!

We will cover the following topics:

  •  CNI plugin : panel, performance, features

  • LoadBalancer, Ingress (controller)

  • IP addressing management within the cluster (IPAM)

  • preservation of IP Source

  • eBPF (External BPF)

  • DSR (Direct Server Return)

  • Kubernetes NameSpace

This episode aims to give network and security teams a better understanding, through a live demonstration, of how different workloads use the network to communicate inside and outside a Kubernetes cluster. Viewing the first episode is highly recommended.

We will conclude with a discussion of the problems in companies and thus pave the way for the next episodes (filtering, compartmentalisation, etc.).

The facilitator 

Stéphane REYTAN
Security Expert - BlueTrusty
Network and security consultant since the last century, trainer on Kubernetes since 2017

Friday 8 April

à 11h

45 min

+ possibly 5 min of "Questions/Answers

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