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Webinar BlueTrusty - 13/05 - Network flow security & Kubernetes with Tigera/Project Calico - EP04

26 April 2022

Are you a CISO, network engineer, cybersecurity specialist, SecDevOps? Or you just want to understand how the network works in Kubernetes to better understand the security issues and protection mechanisms?

BlueTrusty has designed a series of webinars for you!

After episodes 1(replay), 2(replay) and 3(replay) here is the fourth episode!

This webinar, aimed at network and security teams, shows how to design, deploy and debug network flow filtering in Kubernetes clusters using the ProjectCalico CNI plugin and its enterprise offering Tigera. Practical demonstrations will be given.

You will learn: 

  • how to overcome the limitationsof Network Policy standards
  • how to activate eBPF to improve filtering performance
  • how to observe the flows allowed or blocked by a filtering rule
  • how tosearch the networklogs
  • how the Egress Gateway facilitates filtering with the rest of the company'snetwork
  • a method of collaborative governance ofscreeningpolicies

The facilitator 

Stéphane REYTAN
Security Expert - BlueTrusty
Network and security consultant since the last century, trainer on Kubernetes since 2017

Friday 13 May

à 10h

45 min

+ possibly 5 min of "Questions/Answers

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