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Thémis Conseil renews its CIR approval

February 24, 2023

The CIR approval of Thémis Conseil, which has just been renewed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, allows the management consulting firm to carry out research and development work on behalf of other companies.

The management consulting firm had obtained its Research Tax Credit approval in 2019, a rarity in its competitive universe.

The firm Thémis Conseil has just obtained the renewal for three years of its CIR approval, which allows it to be referenced by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and thus to be able to carry out research and development work on behalf of other companies.

Thémis Conseil had obtained its first approval in 2019, presenting in particular the work around data carried out by Thémis Lab. This internal structure, created in 2017 to address the data issues of the firm's clients, has developed algorithms to enhance the value of companies' data assets. These have notably been implemented in personal insurance, industry or audiovisual broadcasting activities. As the three-year accreditation had expired, the firm had applied for its renewal.

When entrusted to an approved service provider, the expenses incurred by a company in research or innovation operations entitle it to a research and/or innovation tax credit (CIR-CII), the amount of which can represent up to 30% of their invoices. The approval allows us to verify that the service provider has the potential to carry out research and development. Each year, the firm devotes between 2 and 3% of its turnover to monitoring and research. This sets it apart from its counterparts of equivalent size. A singularity illustrated by the CIR approval and its renewal, a real rarity in this competitive environment.


At Thémis Conseil, the work of our consultants is enriched by the scientific background of several members of the team. This allows us to explore other fields and to strengthen our ties with the clients who place their trust in us. This dual culture is deeply rooted in the history of our firm, thanks to it we are as proud of the missions we carry out as of the algorithms we create... "

Managing Director
Thémis Conseil

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