[Testimony] The Exadata migration within La Mutuelle Générale: a successful technological migration!

July 21, 2020

A few months ago, the Infrastructure Department of the Information Systems Department of La Mutuelle Générale, France's third largest mutual insurance company, undertook a large-scale project: a database migration operation on new-generation Exadata machines. To carry out this project, La Mutuelle Générale was able to rely on the ITS Services centre, in place since 2014, which manages application integration on behalf of the mutual insurance company. A look back at a successful project!


databases to be migrated, 55 of which are to be upgraded to new versions


people involved, including 18 on-board application managers




months of almost daily interventions, i.e. a migration of 3 bases per day

The Infrastructure Department of the Information Systems Department of La Mutuelle Générale has undertaken to migrate all of the databases present on the Exadata to new Exadata in order to upgrade versions and in particular to mitigate the risk of obsolescence of certain information systems.

Exadata is the database of Oracle's Wholesale Oracle volumes. More than a database, it is a turnkey system including a Server, a Storage as well as a Network and software layer. The Mutual Générale, has two servers Exadata outsourced and managed by service provider Atos.


  • Cover the risk of server saturation given the expected growth ratio over 2019-2024.
  • Cover the risk of hardware failure, obsolescence or the end of its support.
  • Cover the risk of limited support for older versions.

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