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[Customer testimony] SUNCLEAR entrusts ITS Ibelem with the migration of its workstations to Intune

March 28, 2023

As an expert in Mobility, Collaborative Solutions and Modern Management, ITS Ibelem regularly assists companies in the management of their projects and in the implementation of innovative projects such as unified workstation management.

French leader in the distribution of plastic plates, aluminium sheets and composites, SUNCLEAR has more than 500 employees spread over 23 agencies and 3 countries. As part of the redesign of the information system architecture, several IT projects were launched to simplify the management of their workstations.

ITS Ibelem allows SUNCLEAR to manage their workstations remotely while simplifying their deployment thanks to Autopilot.

SUNCLEAR expressed the need for support in configuring the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) platform in order to manage and administer its Windows 10&11 workstations.

Within their teams, users were working through a TSE server farm and with distributed desktops.

The management of all the computer equipment had gradually become too complex. SUNCLEAR therefore decided to entrust ITS Ibelem with the project of migrating all of its 200 workstations to Intunes (eventually 300 Pcs.)

We chose Microsoft CRM for the application architecture and to extend Microsoft solutions to manage the IT assets. This is where the MDM project was born. ITS Integra, which handles the hosting of the network part, then redirected us to ITS Ibelem. "

David AIGLON - Information Systems Director - SUNCLEAR

A project that requires cloud technology and migration to the Intune platform

During the implementation of the project, we identified several issues:

  • During the audit phase, we noticed that their firewalls were not compatible with the new cloud technologies.
  • The communication between the On premise infrastructure and the Cloud did not exist. This was a real challenge. Joint work was done with ITS Integra as part of the evolution of Sunclear's internal network to ensure that intune and Autopilot would work.
  • Teams needed guidance to better manage their fleets.
  • The positions were locked in company portals

To address these issues, we had to :

  • Perform an audit of the configuration of existing Windows 10 Pcs (GPO analysis, RBAC, patch management analysis etc...)
  • Define the needs of the Pcs management strategy (CSP, Application security)
  • Implement Intune Connector (definition and validation of flow openings on the SDWAN)
  • Define and create Windows Pcs management profiles
  • Integrate Sunclear applications
  • Enroll Zerotouch via Microsoft Autopilot Integration

Finally, we provided advice on how to optimize their fleet management to make their actions less repetitive and easier to manage on a daily basis by automating them.

Today, the feedback is positive and the user experience is good:

"This is the project where the integration of the teams between the supplier and the client went best. The partners and the teams got along very well and spoke easily with each other, which was very constructive. All the exchanges were done with good intelligence from start to finish. In terms of team integration, this was an exemplary project. "

David AIGLON - Information Systems Director - SUNCLEAR

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