[Customer Story] PWA Assurance moves to SaaS with ITS Integra

10 December 2021

ITS Integra, an ultra-secure multi-Cloud operator and outsourcer, successfully met the expectations of the publisher PWA Assurance, by enabling it to market its ERP application for insurance brokers as a SaaS service.

Moving from On-Premise to SaaS

PWA Assurance was founded by actuaries and insurance professionals in 1998. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT management. Its teams are composed of business experts and front and back office developers who edit the Atlantis ERP.

In order to anticipate a strong desire for growth, PWA Assurance wanted to develop its offer. Until then, the solution was exclusively available in an On-Premise version. This led to various complexities, particularly in terms of the operation of the client's infrastructure. The solution to overcome these limitations and risks as part of a growth plan is to transform the deployment and marketing models of their ERP.


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