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[Customer Story] MGP modernises its IT production and operations with ITS Integra

24 May 2022

ITS Integra supports the MGP, Mutuelle des Forces de Sécurité, in the evolution and modernisation of its IT production and operation.

Heir to a long tradition of mutualism within the police force, the MGP, the mutual insurance company for the security forces, is committed to supporting those who contribute to the protection of people and property in France at every stage of their professional and personal life.

Personnel from the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, customs officers, national and municipal police officers, and employees of private security companies can thus access quality protection adapted to their specific needs.

The MGP is a non-shareholder, not-for-profit organisation that places its members at the heart of its activities in accordance with the mutualist movement's principles of solidarity and democracy. Its 1,500 delegates, themselves members of the active or retired security forces, and its 450 employees advise and support them on a daily basis.

In 2020, the MGP became a mutual with a mission to better take into account the new challenges its members face in a changing world.

Modernisation of production and operations

As part of the migration to the new version of the Graphtalk AIA V5 ERP, the MGP wanted to rethink its management of its IT production and operations. It relied on an aging Excel-based tool to manage the production of processes on Autosys Workload Automation. This did not allow the mutual to access the desired benefits:

  • monitoring of scheduling
  • supervision
  • monitoring
  • batch processing
  • monitoring of history and operations
  • etc.

Following a study of the possibilities offered by various service providers, the MGP selected ITS Integra to carry out a pilot on the MGP project. Pascal Champenois, a technical sales specialist in operational modernisation projects at ITS Integra, knew the MGP and its organisation inside out. This saved time in the project. The MGP and ITS Integra teams then launched an in-depth study with a clear framework. They then designed a secure web portal dedicated to the teams in charge of operations.

The creation of a single tool for the MGP

Teams can thus access from a single point an easy-to-use, high-performance, collaborative tool adapted to their operational expectations. Dashboards were then created for the production teams. They can thus easily develop their projects. In fact, the MGP has been able to secure and automate many tasks. They now have better traceability of batch processing plans.

To carry out these operations, ITS Integra intervened in agile mode and in project management to rethink the infrastructure and carry out the developments necessary for the implementation of the new tool designed (IGC).

The project, which went live in June 2021, has been a great success, both on budget and on schedule. It has been conducted in a transparent manner for users and has not caused any problems since its launch.

Stop phishing!

The development of IGC has made it possible to do away with the Excel file in the production context. This allows for a so-called "PLAN" mode. This is not the architecture of the scheduling solution, but it allows for synchronization and interaction with the scheduler. The benefits are real and immediate, both for the production team and for the scheduling team.

François-Emeric VERSTRAETE
Operations Manager MGP

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