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[Success Story] Our expertise in the energy sector

19 July 2021

Sopra Steria, ITS Services and Sully Group are combining their expertise in the digital transformation of companies to meet the IS challenges of a leader in the energy sector, which includes all the businesses involved in production, trade and electricity networks. The IS has now become a major performance lever and this new contract has been signed for 5 years, until the end of October 2025.

As a recognised player in the digital services market, we take into account all aspects of change in the energy sector and the technological, economic and human impacts. We provide effective solutions and adapted expertise thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our client's business and information systems, with whom we have been partners for over 20 years. To meet these objectives, our client must address the issues of security, reliability and availability of the IS and cost control.

The Grouping has put in place an approach that covers 100% of the requirements, technical, functional and geographical, and provides expertise in the following areas

  • Digital Transformation,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • BigData,
  • Cloud,
  • Automation,
  • Mastery of IS technical reference systems.

This association also ensures common governance and proximity on all sites, whether industrial or tertiary.

Finally, beyond technologies, we also wish to provide solutions for pooling, capitalising and efficiency in order to maximise the impact of missions and reduce their overall cost. We believe in collective intelligence and we are proud to take up this challenge by putting digital technology at the service of people. We aim to deliver tangible benefits through sustainable solutions that open up new technological opportunities for the energy sector. 

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