Why is an integrator essential in 2021?

January 21, 2021

Knowledge of market solutions and understanding of companies' needs make an integrator like our subsidiary ITS Ibelem an indispensable player.

A company that has acquired a software package may think that the editor will take care of everything... The role of an integrator is however essential if you want to ensure the effectiveness of your Mobility & Networks strategy.

Publisher vs. integrator: two distinct profiles

The publisher plans, designs and develops software. But if he masters the lines of code well, he knows little about the reality of the client company's market and its needs. The integrator, on the other hand, is able to customize the software according to the expectations and needs of his client.. He can thus effectively accompany him in the application and use of the solution.

A major role in project management

The role of an integrator is to to propose to a company the software that will perfectly answer its problemsthanks to its knowledge of market-leading software. After having established a diagnosis of the company's existing (What are its business needs ? Does its current software really meet them? What modifications to make or what new solution to adopt?), he writes a specification to define the customer's objectives and needs. On this basis, the integrator accompanies the company from the beginning of the project until the end.by working closely with the Information Systems Department, which it advises and supports.

ITS Ibelem combines expertise and experience

Calling on professionals like ITS Ibelem guarantees a good management of Mobility & Networks tools for an efficient and optimal work. In a world where technology is constantly developing, a company cannot run the risk of entrusting all tasks to a single internal player and must call on experts. Our employees are certified at the highest level on the main Mobility & Networking solutions on the market (VMware Workspace One, Mobile Iron, Aruba…). Pure player in Mobility & Networks for nearly 20 yearsITS Ibelem therefore supports your projects by providing you with the right advice to implement the appropriate software and maintain it in operational conditions.

Integration - ITS Ibelem

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