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Sponsorship of skills for the association "En Van Simones

16 December 2021

Afsatou, Project Manager at ITS Group, has used her time and skills to support the association En Van Simones which promotes travel for people with reduced mobility who are eager to travel and have adventures!

Afsatou tells us more about her mission in the application field to support this beautiful and daring association.

Afsatou, can you describe your career at ITS Group?

I joined ITS Group 3 years ago as a Delivery Manager. I joined ITS Services, the entity specialised in IT Infrastructures & Operations of ITS Group, where I was able to carry out several missions on complex projects for major clients in particular.

How did you hear about En Van Simones?

Between two missions, ITS Group gave me the opportunity, thanks to KolabeeI was given the opportunity to help the association En Van Simones, a Toulouse-based startup in charge of finding innovative technological projects among associations, which promotes handi-travel. En Van Simones is an association created to prove to the public that it is possible to travel in a wheelchair.

In order to support the association you joined one of their development projects, what was it?

I was involved in a project to develop a new platform for En Van Simones. The association wants to have a new platform that offers a service that connects people with reduced mobility with "guides" who have already visited the destination cities and the accommodations suitable for people with reduced mobility (PRM). PRMs can thus prepare/organise a trip adapted to their needs.

The first version of the platform is planned for computers and will then be extended to mobile devices. The association also plans to make the new platform available in several languages for even more travel and beautiful destinations!

What have been your missions within the association?

My mission was to establish the specifications of the application. These specifications will be the roadmap for the different profiles (UX Design, Front and Back Office developers, Architects...) that will follow one another to create the application. I therefore participated in the creation of a beta version of the application, in terms of the application's layout with the InVision tool as well as the definition of its tree structure.

The association was then able to use these specifications to solicit other people for skills sponsorship and to start developing the platform (Back and Front developers, architects, etc.).

Thank you Afsatou for your feedback!

La Tribu des Simones also raises awareness, accompanies and gives advice to tourism professionals, for a better reception of people with special needs. To find out more, you will find below the link to the website of this beautiful association.

Do not hesitate to talk about it around you and to share, the team needs you!


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