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Ibelem's strategic change at ITS Ibelem generates +25% of turnover in Q1

June 15, 2020

ITS Ibelem, our subsidiary specialising in Modern Management of the Workstation, Mobile Terminals and Networks, closed the first quarter of 2020 with 25% revenue growth.

2.6 million over the period, the structuring of the company towards Modern Workplace Management topics is bearing fruit and has an impact on this result.

After dedicating the skills of its teams to Mobility (deployment and management of macOS, Android parks) and Wi-Fi / Lan topics (design and integration of Wi-Fi networks), ITS Ibelem now fulfils the promise of Modern Management of workstations.

Modern Desktop Management, also known as Modern Management, is the management, security and deployment of Windows 10-based desktops, just as companies manage their MacOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

For several years now, companies have been asking for a simple solution: to offer their employees a unified experience between all their terminals that are made available to them. In two words, to have the same rights, the same applications, wherever the employee is, and whatever his terminal (PC, smartphone or tablet), in compliance with the security and confidentiality rules of his company.

As of 2019, ITS Ibelem has thus focused its energy on these new offers. The Information Systems Departments (ISD) of large companies immediately responded, and the first deployments of these Modern Management solutions were successfully completed.

The Managing Director, Jean-Cédric Miniot, says: "Modern Management is mature. Companies can now use it to further improve agility and optimize the remote management of employees' work experience without compromising the security of their data. Today, our Modern Management offers cover all of our customers' expectations: audit of the existing system, study and selection of the most suitable solution, integration of this solution in its technical and functional dimensions, support for changes in IT teams, professions and employees, maintenance in operational condition in order to guarantee the quality of the user experience and the security of company data".



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