ITS Services, Red Hat Advanced Partner

March 12, 2021

Thanks to its expertise in the Red Hat Ansible solution, ITS Services has received the Red Hat Advanced Partner accreditation - Datacenter Infrastructure (IT Automation & Management).

The Ansible solution is Red Hat's automation platform for managing the life cycle of IT resources. Widely acclaimed, this solution has become indispensable for managing and automating both recurring system administration tasks and complex deployments in a DevOps cycle.

By establishing a partnership with Red Hat on this technology, ITS Services guarantees its customers its high level of expertise. In this respect, one of our major customers testifies to its total satisfaction with its automation project led by a team of 6 ITS Services experts:

The implementation of the Red Hat Ansible solution has allowed us to improve the reliability of our deployments by lowering the related production incidents by 30%, to reduce the time-to-market, to improve the satisfaction of our internal customers, as well as to lower the deployment costs by 15%. »

Need to set up your Ansible solution or optimize it? Our experts will bring you the best support.

ITS Services, Red Hat partner

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