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ITS Integra helps you keep your costs under control with its FinOps offer

October 26, 2020

You were close to 50 participants at the FinOps Webinar co-organized by ITS Integra and TimSpirit on October 15th. Proof, if proof were needed, that this topic is one of the essential pillars in your transformation trajectories towards the Hybrid and Public Cloud. 

How can you keep your costs under control?

Whether you choose the Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, the most important issue is cost control. This is where the FinOPS approach comes into play in a DevOPS world in order to optimize your Cloud consumption by making the right compromises between three fundamental pillars: cost, agility and quality.

We invite you to discover the OpenSource Finops.world initiative which will allow you toidentify the first actions to achieve financial excellence on a multi-Cloud IS .

ITS Integra also understands the importance of this optimisation and can provide you with its expertise in this field.

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