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Information on a cyber attack

September 21, 2022

The management servers of ITS Group have been the object of a cyber attack ("ransomware"). Despite the reinforced security measures applied on a daily basis to protect the data and the integrity of the IT resources connected and installed on the management systems of the Group, a part of the latter was encrypted.

The recent ransomware is very little known to threat intelligence sources. The General Management and the IT Department of ITS Group were immediately alerted to these intrusions. Isolation and security measures were implemented as soon as possible to contain the propagation of the virus and to protect the customers and partners of the Group.
Mobilized from the very first hours of the incident, the ITS Group teams were surrounded by technical experts in cybersecurity and are also in contact with the authorities to analyze the causes as well as the operating mode of the attack.

ITS Group has notified all its customers and has set up a remediation plan which offers all the guarantees of a progressive and secure restart of its IT systems, and which makes it possible to ensure the continuity of its services and its operations. We would like to point out that the operational production activities of the subsidiaries are not affected.

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