[White Paper] Outsourcing AS400 applications for digital transformation

July 17, 2020

Mohamed Rabei

Leverage the best of both worlds to optimize the management of critical AS400 applications.

The main themes addressed :

  1. A quick reminder and advantages over the IBM i Power system
  2. The role of an MSP
  3. The interest of hosting its AS400 platform
  4. Criteria for choosing your MSP
  5. Customer Testimonials


Leveraging the best of both worlds to optimize the management of mission-critical AS400
applications In 1987, IBM celebrated the birth of the first OS400 systems, a revolution in the world of IT. The technology has since proven itself through its legendary reliability, robustness and technology independence. Many companies have since then opted for this technology. Nearly 20,000 applications have been developed on this platform by ISVs.

In 2012, some 150,000 servers were still in operation around the world for a customer base of around 100,000. The systems have been most successful in France and Italy, with an installed and stable base to date.

Over time, modernization is becoming increasingly complex, particularly because fewer and fewer skills are available on this platform and new uses of digital transformation have changed the situation.

To meet these challenges, companies are increasingly turning to specialized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to host, integrate and maintain applications.

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