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Discover the new features of BlueTrusty's "ransomware stress test" service

April 21, 2023

The non-intrusive ransomware stress test The non-intrusive ransomware stress test, developed by BlueTrusty, the group's specialized cybersecurity entity, is meeting with growing success among our customers and prospects who want to ensure that their workstations have been hardened under real conditions. What is particularly appreciated is the monitoring of composite scores, presented in an easy-to-understand radar that allows for a better understanding of weak themes and the progression of the security level over time.

In this first half of 2023, we are enriching it in 2 ways:

  • support for MacOS : in response to frequent requests from our customers, we have extended our tests from Windows to the MacOS platforms mainly used by VIPs, creative people, developers... We rely on the recommendations of the NIST and CIS benchmark, internationally recognized, which we have adapted and endorsed
  • creation of a ransomware emulator, which we will publish in open-source. This emulator performs typical ransomware actions: file renaming, content encryption, file deletion, C2 connection, crypto-mining... This test is of course safe and non-intrusive since we control 100% of the code. The objective is to test the performance of EDR/EPP on a binary not referenced in the signature databases.

Through these innovations, our customers can make progress in assessing the security of their workstations. BlueTrusty is thus contributing, albeit modestly, to the global effort to improve cyber resilience undertaken by France and Europe.


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