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Discover the Data services offered by our subsidiary Thémis Conseil in detail!

22 October 2019

Our subsidiary, Thémis Conseil, is an information systems management, organisation and transformation consulting firm that works directly with the general management, business line and IT departments of major clients, drawing on its sector expertise and practices. 

Since its creation, Thémis Conseil has been working with its clients through missions in the following areas Data. The advent of the Big Datas, the Datascience and theArtificial Intelligencehas led us to create a Lab in 2016 and to support our customers in their transformation.

In this technical field, Thémis Conseil adopts a use-oriented approach, because we are convinced that a successful project is a project that meets a business use.

As such, we are sensitive to the business benefits of our clients' Data projects:

  • Optimisation of company performance by industrialising data analysis and making the right indicators available to the right people
  • Generating growth through the study of external data for marketing, sales, HR purposes
  • Valuation of the company by its data
  • But also mandatory regulatory reporting that does not bring direct benefits to the company.

From consulting studies for business and IT departments to project implementation, our consultants have dual skills in both project management and technology in order to respond operationally to your challenges in terms of Data Governance, DataViz, DataScience, DataAnalysis, Business Intelligence, Big Data...

We intervene at different levels :

First level of intervention: Inventory of fixtures and Master Plan

  • Analysis and challenge of your objectives and the stakes of your Data projects
  • Constitution of a roadmap (Data Master Plan, Subdivision, Budget, Timetable, Organisation)

Second level of intervention: Framing and experimentation

  • Elaboration, through experimentation with business teams, of opportunity studies
  • Realization of return on investment studies by comparing business benefits with project costs.
  • The experimentation of your data can be done in our Lab in Boulogne or on your premises.
  • Services in the fields of Data Viz, Data Science, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence by our Data Product Owners

Third level of intervention: Project management

  • Project management in Agile or Classic method
  • MOA services throughout the project: requirements gathering, specification, design, testing, acceptance and change management.

Fourth level of intervention: Consulting MOA/MOE

  • Data Analysis: knowledge of the business, knowledge of the company's data environments and carrying out analyses (SQL, Excel)
  • Dataviz: production of reports and dashboards as close as possible to the business using the tools on the market (Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI, ...)
  • Data Science: implementation of advanced mathematical algorithms for data exploitation, often for forecasting or extrapolation purposes.

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