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It's Modern Management month at ITS Ibelem!

07 September 2021

ITS Ibelem, in collaboration with Dell Technologies, invites you to Modern Management Month from 6 to 30 September 2021.

Transforming the way we work - Modern Management Month

Over the past two years, we have transformed our way of working from a home office to a two-day on-premises office. The company must keep up with these changes and allow employees to access their workspace in the cloud from different workstations with the same level of confidentiality as on site.

But then: How can you manage all your terminals (smartphones, laptops, tablets) from a single console while giving your employees more mobility?

ITS Ibelem offers you free resources every week to help you answer this question clearly.


6.09 - White Paper
5 steps to modernise your Windows environment

13.09 – Practical guides

27.09 - Infographic
Setting up a Modern Management project in 5 steps

28.09 - Webinar
with Dell Technologies - Modern management, the key to transformation towards a new work organisation

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