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[Success Story] Making the information system more reliable

24 June 2021

ITS Services confirms its position as an infrastructure expert through the reliability of its client's information system.


Since the end of 2019, ITS Services has been supporting a major French institution in the evolution and reliability of its IT Production, through the administration and management of its last-level technical support.

The customer's centre of excellence is represented by a heterogeneous team working with different methods.

The technical perimeter integrates the operating systems, databases, application servers and inter-application flows.


The challenges of this institution are multiple:

  • Standardise practices and activities
  • Making the maintenance in operational condition of the Information System more reliable
  • Automate and implement procedures across all activities to increase capacity and ensure proactive service.


ITS Services set up a team of about twenty experts in a very short time to cover the entire technical spectrum.

From the start of the transition phase, proactive governance was established with clear indicators and objectives, which allowed for an efficient and progressive knowledge transfer.

ITS Services was thus able to start, from the beginning of the operational phase, a real versatility of expertise and create a homogenisation of practices.

The strict application of this methodology (method of resumption of the 6 sites), the rigorous management and the spirit of partnership enabled ITS Services to gain the confidence of its client.


A controlled and managed transition based on a fully operational and versatile team.

Indicators that reflect the reality of the operations and a much reduced risk of errors, thanks to the automation implemented.

Improved quality of service measured, and compliance with our contractual commitments.

A client who has expressed his satisfaction with us as the steering committee has progressed.

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