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Sponsorship of competence - Sunshine in the voice

21 June 2021

ITS Group and ITS Services support the association Du soleil dans la voix, which fights against loneliness and isolation of single people, through a skills sponsorship.

Skills sponsorship allows an employee to invest in a project of general interest within the framework of his or her contract and during working hours.

In this context, the South-West branch of ITS Services, the entity specialising in IT Infrastructures and Operations of ITS Group, came to the aid of the association "Sunshine in the voice to carry out a digital project thanks to the mobilisation of one of its employees as project manager.

The main objective of the Association, through its conviviality platforms, is to create social links by providing support to lonely people who want someone to confide in. A voice, a warm call, a friendly contact, a moment of conviviality: it often takes no more than that to break the solitude. Each volunteer always calls the same people (all over France) and makes friends.

How did ITS Services intervene?

As Patrick Ryon, founder and treasurer of the association, so aptly put it, "It is just as important to look after isolated people as it is to look after the volunteers who keep our association going. This is why it was essential to modernise the outdated software used to manage the conviviality platforms used by the volunteers to plan and trace exchanges with the people who benefit from the association's services.

This is where ITS Services came in!

The association did not have the skills to carry out this upgrade and had to outsource the mission. Thanks to Kolabee, a Toulouse-based startup in charge of finding innovative technological projects among associations and proposing them to companies, it was able to benefit from ITS Services' expertise in managing this project. Indeed, the employee mobilised piloted the redesign of the platform and coordinated the work of the developers. His work consisted of steering the backlog, assigning and prioritising the tasks of the dedicated team.

ITS Services was able to free up the time of its employee to work for several hours with the association and carry out this project.

On the strength of this successful collaboration, ITS Group and Services have already planned to renew other skill sponsorship projects to help other associations in need.


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